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ALLVP & Mountain Nazca lead US $20M Seed round for e-Commerce holding Wonder Brands

Updated: Oct 12, 2022


April 14th, 2021

For venture capital funds, riding the e-Commerce wave means investing in innovative models other than marketplaces. With a team that combines e-Comm and M&A experience, Wonder Brands is set to distrupt the e-Comm agreggator space.

Founded by Federico Malek and Nicolas Gonzalez Luna, Wonder Brands seeks to federate a league of brands to ride the wave created by the recent explosion of Amazon and Mercado Libre marketplaces in Latin America. Its model is based on the acquisition of under-optimized businesses, typically small-medium independent sellers in a highly fragmented industry.

Nicolás and Federico, co-founders of Wonder Brands.

With an innovative an innovative approach that leverages technology to acquire and scale under-optimized businesses, Wonder Brands secured a US $20M Seed round co-led by ALLVP and Nazca.

Read more about Wonder Brands & the investors who joined the round here.

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