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ALLVP Operator Network: Introducing our network of angel investors

Updated: Oct 19, 2022

by Federico Antoni

July 6th, 2021

We’re announcing the ALLVP Operator Network. With this new initiative, we will invite a a group of angels and operators that we know and trust to co-invest in all of our deals. We’re giving a name to what has recently worked well for investments like Super, Flink and Wonder Brands.

A lot has changed in Latin American tech since I started teaching entrepreneurship in Mexico City back in 2008. There are more founders building interesting companies, more tech talent across the board and yes, definitely more capital.

One of my favorite trends is the rise of angel operators investing and helping buddy entrepreneurs attract and manage the resources to scale. Even if institutional investors do our best to add value, we could never replace the value of an angel investor who has built a couple of companies or is just a couple of stages ahead of you.

Given the history of emerging ecosystems in the region, albeit short, there is a big group of founders that want to expose capital to your success.

Investing is a way to give back. Many founders have a story about how someone took a chance on them early on, or about their first big break. Now you get to give other people their big break. You get to create the change you want to see in the world by supporting it financially. – Naval Ravikant

For us, the cool thing about having started so early in the game, is that we have a big tent, a sort of circle of trust, that we constantly tap into. ALLVP alumni, founders of current and former portfolio companies as well as limited partner often join our rounds.

Whenever we partner with a team, we might as well bring our gang of like-minded operators. In the past few years, every successive round we’ve led includes more and more angel investors in our network. They have skin in the game and help out.

For example, Yana, our latest investment, included six checks from key operators from our network.

So today, we’re giving a name to what we’ve been doing for years now. We will invite our network to co-invest in deals, so that not only will they be rooting for you from the sidelines but they will be helping you build. You get to chose who you want on your cap table.

Next time we chat, you’ll be pitching to all our family.

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