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Fintual launches stock trading product to enhance more diversified portfolio strategies


November 11th, 2022

After many years of operating as a purely fund investing platform, Chilean wealthtech Fintual announced the launch of its stock trading feature.

Today, it opened up the spectrum of services to allow users invest in US-based stocks, starting with US $1. As Agustín wrote, investing in stocks is a way of owning a fraction of something you believe in. Fintual makes it possible for its users to create personalized stock portfolios in which maybe all the companies are sustainable, have a positive impact on the environment, have strong diversity initiatives or who are aligned in other ways to each persons' values.

For clients seeking to diversify it's long term, passive strategy, Fintual Stocks is the perfect way to do so, all in a single app.

Fintual was founded by Pedro Pineda, Agustín Feuerhake, Omar Larré and Andres Marinkovic, launched in 2016 with the mission of offering low-comission accounts for passive investing strategies. With more than 85k clients, Fintual has transformed the way younger generations look at passive investment strategies, financial planning and financial goal setting.

The company has been backed by top tier investors such as Sequoia, who led its US $39M Series B round; Kaszek, and ALLVP, who first invested in the company's Seed round. ALLVP became an active investor in venture capital in Chile through its investment in Cornershop back in 2015, when it led its $2.5M Seed round.

Start investing in stocks here:

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