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From founder to funder: Endeavor Entrepreneur Jimena Pardo joins the Mexican VC fund ALLVP

Updated: Oct 11, 2022

via Endeavor

May 27th, 2022

After many years of being a tech operator, Jimena Pardo joined one of the top venture capital firms in Latin America: ALLVP.

Being a pioneer in the Latin American start-up ecosystem as the founder of one of Mexico’s first successful start-ups was not enough for Jimena Pardo. After spearheading Carrot, Mexico’s first car-sharing service, and bringing it to great heights over the course of her six-year tenure, Jimena is now returning to the entrepreneurial world to usher in the next generation of innovation. This time though, she will be an investor as part of the Mexican VC firm ALLVP, using her knowledge and experience to help the new-age founders build the great companies of the future that will continue pushing the progress of the region.

Jimena Pardo.

Full piece by Taran Moriates from Endeavor Global here.

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