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Jimena Pardo of Endeavor joins ALLVP as partner

Updated: Oct 11, 2022


May 25th, 2022

The story begins when Jimena co-founded Carrot, the carsharing company in Mexico City which was ALLVP's first investment 10 years ago.

Diego Solórzano and Jimena Pardo, co-founders of Carrot, circa 2014.

After many years leading the company, Jimena joined Facebook (Meta) and served as Product Growth Manager for Latin America.

Today, she re-joins ALLVP as it's third partner, strengthening it as one of the best venture capital firms. “As I come full circle from founder to investor, I am all in Latin American founders not only with capital, but also with my expertise in product and growth. I’m excited to come back home and look forward to unlocking new industries and technologies,” she reflects.

Click here to read the full piece published by LAVCA.

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