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Meet seven Hispanic and Latin app creators breaking barriers with technology

Updated: Oct 11, 2022

via Apple Newsroom

October 6th, 2022

As many know, ALLVP is the leading VC in Mexico who partners with formidable founders solving Latin America's hardest problems. After partnering with Andrea Campos, founder of Yana; the way we look at mental has evolved drastically. Looking after mental health is not a one-time thing or "band-aid" sort of thing, it is a process that required daily comittment, and Yana makes that process more accessible to millions of Latinxs.

With Yana, I want to empower people with emotional education through a safe, judgment-free zone where they can change the way they feel by learning to change the way they think. -- Andrea Campos, founder of Yana.

Read about Andrea's journey to address her mental health and provide those tools to millions of people here.

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