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Senzai taps into AI optimization to guide LatAm companies to the right customers

Mexico City based Senzai raised US $2M in pre-seed capital to deliver outcome-based AI for enterprise clients in the banking, telco & insurance sectors. With its technology, it will allow clients to improve their business outcomes using decisioning technology.

Senzai’s solution revolutionizes the way companies use AI to optimize their customer sales, retention, and collection strategies. The way that companies build out their strategies today is by focusing on predictive models, targeting the highest few decile customers with offers, discounts, promotions, etc.; This is inefficient because a high probability of cancelling or buying something doesn’t mean that you can influence the outcomes.

This is why Senzai focuses on measuring influenceability directly, and figuring out which customers are the ones most likely to be swayed by your campaigns and targeting them instead.

Julián López-Portillo, co-founder & CEO of Senzai

The founding team has already built and delivered multiple AI products to the largest corporates globally when they worked together at Afiniti, focused on improving sales and retention by optimizing interactions in real-time. Their deep experience in understanding how the largest enterprises deploy AI, gives them a unique insight into the opportunities that exist, but also the practicalities of how they get deployed.

ALLVP is sprearheading the AI investment revolution for venture capital in Mexico, with Senzai being its first bet.

“AI is really in the spotlight now with the advent of ChatGPT. The new breed of LLMs (large language models) is clearly enormously powerful and are already spawning a new wave of AI tools, but we’ll have to wait to see what value it all brings in the end. This is where Senzai stands out, by focusing on the outcomes, not the tools, they are perfectly placed to leverage all this innovation (instead of competing with it) to deliver actual value.”

- Jimena Pardo, Managing Partner at ALLVP.

To read the full scoop, head to Mary Ann's piece in Techcrunch.

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