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"Venimos a recordarle a los chilenos lo chingones que son"

Updated: Oct 24, 2022

via DF MAS

September 30th, 2022

During the last week of September, ALLVP partners Antonia Rojas and Federico Antoni from visited Chile. Aside from meeting with potential LPs for their Fourth Fund, they summoned the entrepreneurial community in the event "Riding the next Latin American wave".

Antonia Rojas (ALLVP), Catalina Ramirez (Fintual), Gonzalo Kirberg (Cumplo), Francisco Larrain (Topsort).

Federico pointed out that the next Cornershop or Fintual has already been founded and that he's convinced that Chilean capital believes in Chile. The potential in the country is huge. Talent is there, the ideas are there, capital is there, the infrastructure is there. The next wave of successful stratups has arrived, and venture capital funds in Latam are ready to partner with them.

Federico Antoni (ALLVP), Paula Enei (Platanus Ventures)

Check out the full story via DF MAS here.

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