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What we're reading this summer 📖 Book recs from the ALLVP team


July 2022

Believe ir or not, not everything we read is about venture capital. This summer, we decided to share what all the ALLVP team was reading (or doing!). Let us know if you read any of these!

👥 El hombre duplicado, José Saramago

Rec from María Fernanda González

Find it here:

The cold start problem, Andrew Chen

Rec from Antonia Rojas

Find it here:

🍃 Hello, habits, Fumio Sasaki

Rec from Natalia Couttolenc

Find it here:

🔍 Beautiful world, where are you, Sally Rooney

Rec from Federico Antoni

Find it here:

🛣️ The Lincoln Highway, Amor Towles

Rec from Nicolás Heeren

Find it here:

🌎 The Ministry for the future, Kim Stanley

Rec from Jimena Pardo

Find it here:

🌆 Build the Friends apartment with this cool Lego

Rec from Patricia Maestri

Find it here:

🏆 The lean startup, Eris Ries

Rec from Delbys Pinilla

Find it here:

💛 Dare to lead, Brené Brown

Rec by Blanca Sañudo

Find it here:

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